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Capo Productions is a youtube account that is offering soundtrack or ambient music, the tracks are Royalty Free! Or at least when you purchase the song first, which isn’t much if you have one in mind. Just under $1 per song with unlimited use and the freedom to use it commercially. 

Considering that I am doing some commercial work for Spa Properties at the moment, this music could be very fitting. I’ve picked out a few for my client to choose from here:

poppysatticspacePOPPY'S ATTIC SPACE
A collection of notes and diary entries from me, Poppy, a Film and Media Production student from Sheffield, UK. Here I will talk about film work I am involved in, have watched and any interesting hints and tips i've found.

Things to expect to see:
Film Work - Photography - Acting Hints - Tutorials and Tips - Interesting events - Set Diary entries - other interesting links and tid bits

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