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A Matter of Life and Rent (2012)

So this is the 10 Minute Film project for my second year Drama Module of my degree~ There’s still so much i’m not happy about in the shots chosen for this… but at the end of the day that wasn’t my choice… 

I worked as the Cinematographer for this piece so you should all check it out! 

Oh my gosh I came up with some original film ideas?!

Yes, that’s right. Alongside filming a short 10 minute comedy with Lucy Smith-Jones and Co. I’ve actually come up with some half decent ideas for films that might happen somewhere in the near future.

Plot twist: They’re not going to have much to do with Trichromatix’ work!!

The ideas:

  • Almost lovers - based on the idea of that ‘mathmatical romance’. I forget the name of the actual equation, but the graph of the lines that curve towards each other but never meet. It’s a story of two people as they attempt to get closer to each other, but in the end their paths inevitably move away from one another. Bittersweet Romance. 
  • Assassin’s Creed Original Short #1 - I’ve been wanting to do an original modern day assassin’s short for a while and I’ve finally come up with two story lines to choose from. #1 is the story of a Female secretary for a British Politician, she is a member of the Assassin’s brotherhood, and is trying to push the cause of said politician forward against others who away from the light of the media support the templar cause. However, whilst in the middle of her work she is caught by her boss (the politician) and being in the wrong place at the wrong time, she is now put into a bad light, but was it worth it for the Assassin’s cause?
  • Assassin’s Creed Original Short #2 - An older middle age(?) single father is a retired Assassin, living on benefits and in a council flat he’s haunted by the work he once used to do, but unable to live on normally. Whilst he tries (and fails) to raise his young, teenage daughter will he ever be able to escape the nightmares of his past? Or will he have to give up his cowardice in order to protect his way of life?

On The Road To Recovery - A 10 minute short script

For our writing for film module this year we have been working on creating a short 10 minute script and with my enthusiasm for this project I thought I would share the work I have completed so far for a short crit! 

So what do people think of my original work?

Simon Says… - A Short Film directed by Alli Metcalf

First real post on my film blog and its my end of year project from my university course. I played the role of Camera and Cinematographer here, and it was a real experience needless to say. 

A piece of helpful advice to take away from this film would be to always check your light levels across all your shots, particularly on a day in which the weather is constantly changing, whilst the light balance could look okay on the camera, when cut with other shots it may jump between light and dark, just keep an eye on those balances!


Welcome to Poppy’s attic space! A tumblr blog specifically made as a space to share all of the adventures of film making that I or you the follower have found.

I am a undergraduate film student from Sheffield in the United Kingdom, in fact when this post was made I was just coming up to the end of my first year! So with my summer and free time I have decided to take up this blog and share all my interesting film adventures with you guys.

In this blog you can expect to find Diary entries and finished film pieces from me and all the people I work with as part of Trichromatic Productions, and any other groups I’ve been wrestled into. But don’t start thinking this just going to be all about me, oh no. I will also be submitting any tutorials or directors tips I find on the internet, links to interesting events I have found and of course I will be accepting any submissions you guys have for the blog! Be it a feature of your own work, or an interesting link or tutorial you have found! This blog is here and free for you to enjoy!

Don’t hold back, Because posting will start as soon as this one is up! Feel free to Like, Reblog with a comment any of the posts and of course Follow!

poppysatticspacePOPPY'S ATTIC SPACE
A collection of notes and diary entries from me, Poppy, a Film and Media Production student from Sheffield, UK. Here I will talk about film work I am involved in, have watched and any interesting hints and tips i've found.

Things to expect to see:
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