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Wrestling Editing Interview

So, during my time i haven’t been updating this blog I got somewhat of an ‘interview’ for an editing job in Manchester. It’s something I can work from home with I believe, but the job in question is to edit together wrestling footage for commercial work. 

With this opportunity I thought i’d share my editing process, not only for the benefit of my followers, but so that I can explain my process at a later date. 

The Brief:

The initial brief was to take footage from this video filled with clips to be used under creative commons, and turn it into a 90 second short that expressed the emotion of the sport. 

My approach: 

With a 90 second video not really being much time I thought it would be best to just use this as an opportunity to show how flexible my editing style can be and how drastically the footage can be altered to get what the client wanted across. I would include graphics and text animation like they wanted in their job advertisement, as well as cleaning up the footage given to me. 

So as you can see in this piece I’ve changed the footage from 4:3 aspect ratio to 16:9, a more professional look, as well as add a colour flare overlay from my stock footage to give it more of a dirty, grimy and hot look.

You can also see the beginnings of where i’m going to be using the text animation, where i’ve chosen a stock texture from deviantArt ( to use as a backdrop. 

The music in question i’ve also chosen is a piece of royalty free music from youtube, rock/grunge to compliment the imagery that’s being shown. I chose a section of the music that reflects the emotions of the fight. The intense build up, Climatic fight and the cool off period.

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