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I think that it’s about time I started doing all the research required and rereads of the script before i start this shot list for the next video for Hetaoni: The Bodycount. 

When it comes to making live action videos for a franchise I always feel a certain amount of pressure, especially for something so emotional as Hetaoni. There are always these few things that cross my mind:

  • Is the rewrite of the already established script good enough. Does it stray too far from the original intention? Does it make more sense than the original translation, or does it still confuse everyone? 
  • Are the emotions that were so strong in the original play-through as strong in the script? Can i make it better with certain camera techniques?
  • What kind of visuals have other’s used for these scenes and what are the strongest visual moments in the scene. When I was filming ‘It all went wrong’ this was very important, the ‘how many fingers am i holding up’ scene has so much visual strength, there is so much fanart out there of the scene, each person’s interpretation of the scene and how it unfolds visually. I wanted to put my own spin on the scene that would stand out from the rest, but i wanted it to fit in just as much as everyone else’s ideas. That’s why America and England are crouched in this scene, England because well… he’s blind, he can’t trust himself to move about and make it look convincing to the fact he’s not, and America because he’s bringing himself down to England’s height, he’s trying to treat him as his equal and so this movement is a big step for him as a character.
  • As a fan of the franchise already what isn’t there in the scene that I and the others want to see. Are there certain elements of foreshadowing i want to cast or just little twists that aren’t included in the original?
So whilst I let these thoughts drift in my mind and begin my research I think its about time that I …


Welcome to Poppy’s attic space! A tumblr blog specifically made as a space to share all of the adventures of film making that I or you the follower have found.

I am a undergraduate film student from Sheffield in the United Kingdom, in fact when this post was made I was just coming up to the end of my first year! So with my summer and free time I have decided to take up this blog and share all my interesting film adventures with you guys.

In this blog you can expect to find Diary entries and finished film pieces from me and all the people I work with as part of Trichromatic Productions, and any other groups I’ve been wrestled into. But don’t start thinking this just going to be all about me, oh no. I will also be submitting any tutorials or directors tips I find on the internet, links to interesting events I have found and of course I will be accepting any submissions you guys have for the blog! Be it a feature of your own work, or an interesting link or tutorial you have found! This blog is here and free for you to enjoy!

Don’t hold back, Because posting will start as soon as this one is up! Feel free to Like, Reblog with a comment any of the posts and of course Follow!

poppysatticspacePOPPY'S ATTIC SPACE
A collection of notes and diary entries from me, Poppy, a Film and Media Production student from Sheffield, UK. Here I will talk about film work I am involved in, have watched and any interesting hints and tips i've found.

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